TDD-01.1: Getting Started with TDD

Audience: Software Developers

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of a programming language

Duration: 3 hours live online instruction, plus about 30 minutes of preparation.

This micro-class covers:

  • Underlying Principles of TDD
  • Where TDD Fits in Software Development
  • Benefits of TDD for Developers
  • Behavior-oriented vs. Implementation-aware Test Cases
  • Hands-on Development Using TDD

Micro-Class roadmap:

This class is heavily hands-on, experiential, and interactive. You will get a taste of test-driven development by doing it with the instructor’s guidance. You also receive original written information about TDD and links to curated online content with the instructor’s explanatory notes.

Programming exercises are done collaboratively using remote Mob Programming.

Each presentation of the class uses a single programming language. Register for a presentation that uses the language you need to work with. Please see the main page for announcements of class offerings.