TDD-02: Applications of Test-Driven Development

Audience: Software Developers

Prerequisite: Successful completion of TDD-01: Fundamentals of Test-Driven Development

Duration: Five three-hour online micro-classes

This course covers:

  • thinking like a tester
  • minimum test code, maximum test coverage
  • Mockist-style TDD
  • property-based testing (PBT) and TDD
  • consumer-driven contracts
  • mutation testing
  • test && commit || revert
  • applying TDD to legacy code

The course is heavily hands-on, experiential, and interactive. You will receive a group review by the instructor at the end of each micro-class, and one hour of one-on-one time with the instructor at the end of the entire course.

Each presentation of the course uses a single programming language. Register for a presentation that uses the language you need to work with. Please see the course calendar to find an appropriate version for your needs.

On successful completion of the course you earn the microcredential for TDD Applied.


  1. TDD-02.1: Think Like a Tester / Minimum Test Code, Maximum Test Coverage
  2. TDD-02.2: Mockist-style TDD
  3. TDD-02.3: Property-Based Testing (PBT) and TDD
  4. TDD-02.4: Consumer-driven Contracts / Approval Testing / Mutation Testing / test && commit || revert
  5. TDD-02.5: Applying TDD to Legacy Code