Code Isolation and External Dependencies (Java) 13 Jul 2020


Developers continue their learning path with test-driven development by applying practical skills for isolating code and handling external dependencies.

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When: 13 July 2020, 17:00 UTC (10:00 San Francisco, 12:00 Chicago, 13:00 New York, 19:00 Berlin)
Time: 3 hours live, about 30 minutes independent preparation
For Software Developers. Prerequisite: Completion of TDD-01.2: Classic-style Test-Driven Development or equivalent knowledge/experience. This class is heavily hands-on, experiential, and interactive. You will practice using TDD for emergent design by continuing development of the text-based adventure game you started in Emergent Design with TDD, with guidance from the instructor. You will explore several core software design principles through hands-on application of TDD. You will learn how to isolate code to enable fine-grained testing as well as for other design benefits. You will learn about test doubles, stubbing, mocking, and minimizing dependencies between code units through clean design. You also receive original written information and links to curated online content with the instructor’s explanatory notes. Programming exercises are done collaboratively using remote Mob Programming.