Emergent Design with TDD / Organization of Test Suites (Ruby) 23 Jun 2020


Developers apply their skills in classic-style TDD to emergent design by developing a text-based adventure game.

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When: 23 June 2020, 17:00 UTC (10:00 San Francisco, 12:00 Chicago, 13:00 New York, 19:00 Berlin)
Time: 3 hours live, about 30 minutes independent preparation
For Software Developers. Prerequisite: Completion of TDD-01.2: Classic-style Test-Driven Development or equivalent knowledge/experience. This class is heavily hands-on, experiential, and interactive. You will practice using TDD for emergent design by writing a text-based adventure game with guidance from the instructor. You will learn about effective ways to organize test suites and name test cases. You also receive original written information and links to curated online content with the instructor’s explanatory notes.

Programming exercises are done collaboratively using remote Mob Programming.