Remote Consultation


Remote consultation with Dave Nicolette via phone or Google Hangout to discuss any issues you have related to software development, software delivery, or IT management. One to two hours in duration.


Product Description

Do you have questions or concerns about software delivery or software product development? Do you want a disinterested opinion about a problematic situation, an organizational change, or a product or service being marketed to your company?

Dave is available for a one- to two-hour remote consultation by phone or Google Hangout.

Possible outcomes:

  • improved understanding of implications, possible causes, and related factors relating to the issue at hand
  • broader view of the larger context of which the issue is a part
  • options for next steps to deal with the issue
  • possibly, references to professionals who have specialized knowledge pertinent to the situation
  • possibly, a plan for follow-up services such as consulting, training, or coaching [1]
  • possibly, early recognition that Dave can’t help you [2]

[1] If follow-up work is realized, the cost of the remote consultation will be applied to that work.

[2] For this outcome, the cost of the remote consultation will be waived.

The scope of the advice will be limited to:

  • software delivery methods
  • software development techniques
  • options for team organization
  • development team management issues
  • metrics
  • emerging technologies
  • approaches to scaling team-level methods to the enterprise
  • models for reasoning about, organizing, and managing IT-related activities
  • recruitment, interviewing, and retention of IT professionals

Out of scope:

  • legal advice
  • financial advice



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